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Medical genealogy in France

 What if the lives of our ancestors had an influence on our health?

Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, opening the "suitcases" they left us should no longer be felt as a fate but on the contrary as a strength for our future.

The study of our family becomes all the more meaningful when it comes to finding one's own family medical heritage and the pathologies left behind.

While biological medicine and its blood tests only allow us to study living people today, genealogy becomes a tool to travel in time, to no longer suffer the disease, to be able to anticipate, prevent and heal more quickly.

Medical genealogy is a new field and appears to be complementary to genetic genealogy which is currently exploding in the world with DNA tests.

It is an emerging medical science for everyone's public health future.

The french medical genealogist studies through specific primary archive sources (health, medical, military, judicial, population censuses...) the modes of transmission of hereditary, consanguineous, genetic or behavioural family diseases.

He becomes a medical historian through his work in the hospital archives left by medical establishments and his 'patients' .

(On this subject, I invite you to read the very interesting article by Jacques Lucchesi: "the long history of Marseille's hospitals". )

With respect of the deadlines of communicability, the professional and medical secrecy inescapable, the medical genealogy allows a progress no longer carried on the curative and the fatality of transmissions of repetitive diseases, but on the prevention and the paradoxical one to cure by our ancestors.

Initially trained as a paramedic and passionate about family genealogy, my profession as a nurse has allowed me during all these years not only to learn how to decipher the mysterious handwriting of my medical colleagues but also to be able to read many medical acts or documents in old registers archived according to a particular nomenclature.

Subjected to medical and professional secrecy and in respect of the time limits of communicability of public archives, it is important to know the limits of research of a genealogical request.

For any request for ascendant research or simple curiosity in medical genealogy, do not hesitate to contact us.

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