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Si la généalogie est parfois frustrante, elle peut aussi, grâce à des personnes passionnées et passionnantes comme vous, réserver ‌de belles surprises.

Encore merci pour tout .



J'ai porté beaucoup d'attention aux documents que vous m'avez fait parvenir et encore un grand merci pour cela .


I would like to recommend a genealogy researcher I hired recently. She is Agnes Bertrand of Genealica based in Marseilles, France. She found many records and certificates for me of my relatives and ancestors in France and Italy.

(Témoignage d'un client canadien sur LINKEDIN)

"I never thought I would find any information on my immigrant great grandfather, who immigrated to America from France in the early 1850's. I am so fortunate to have found Agnes! She has been so knowledgeable, thorough, and competent! She was able to trace several lines back to the 1600's and was able to add some "color" to ordinary people! Thank you, Agnes! I recommend her highly!"

(Témoignage d'une cliente américaine Mary, California)


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